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About Brain Salad

Welcome to Brain Salad, the creative hub curated by Suzanne Worner. As the driving force behind this dynamic platform, Suzanne brings her extensive experience in publicity, marketing, curation, production management, and the fine art of chaos control.

At Brain Salad, Suzanne's passion converges with her expertise, making it the ultimate destination for all things arts and culture. With a sharp focus on independent film festivals and community events, Suzanne's freelance publicist journey takes center stage here. Her dedication to nurturing the vibrant tapestry of the arts has earned her a reputation as a true advocate for the creative spirit.

Through Brain Salad, Suzanne embarks on a mission to connect, captivate, and catalyze. With an intuitive understanding of the arts and culture sector, she's your go-to guide for all things publicity and promotion. From conceptualization to execution, she orchestrates a symphony of ideas, weaving them into unforgettable experiences that leave an indelible mark.

Step into the world of Brain Salad and discover the intersection of imagination and strategy. Suzanne Worner invites you to join her in celebrating the magic of independent cinema and the power of community-driven events. Whether you're an artist, a film enthusiast, or simply a curious soul, Brain Salad promises a feast for the senses and a canvas for your creativity.

Suzanne Worner

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Suzanne Worner's captivating journey took root at the Ten Network in the early 1990s, where her dynamic career blossomed across a spectrum of roles in factual and lifestyle television, radio, and television news. With an impressive span of nearly two decades, she proudly steered the ship as the Production Manager for ABC News and Current Affairs in WA.

Venturing into more recent chapters, Suzanne's artistic spirit found its haven as a freelance publicist, with a special focus on the vibrant world of independent film festivals and community events. Since 2011, she's been at the helm as the Director of Communications for the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, and her role expanded in 2013 when she assumed the mantle of General Manager, shaping the festival's narrative.

The story takes an intriguing turn in 2017 when Suzanne bid adieu to the ABC and took on the role of Marketing Manager at UpBeat Events. It was during this time that "Brain Salad" came to life—an affectionate nod to the beautiful chaos that fuels her creative mind and workspace.

Tune in to Perth's Curtin Radio, and you might catch Suzanne's lively voice as she teams up with fellow film enthusiast Michael Bazeley, sharing their insights as in-studio film reviewers for the Afternoon Show. Together, they planted the seed for "Cinema in Perth," a venture dedicated to spotlighting the city's diverse film screenings and events.

A highlight in her journey unfolded in February 2018, as Suzanne masterfully curated two acclaimed programs for Perth's Fringe World Festival. The result? The prestigious 'Free and Community' Award for the captivating "Leedypalooza’s Dancin’ in the Street."

As a true testament to her unwavering passion, Suzanne is nurturing several film projects in various stages of production. With a diploma from the Central Institute of Technology’s School of Art and Design, Suzanne Worner's story is one of creativity, dedication, and an unyielding love for the arts.

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