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Councillor Suzanne Worner

Currently at the City of Vincent Council

As a councillor...

Since her election in 2021, Councillor Suzanne Worner has showcased her commitment to action, going beyond mere rhetoric. As an unwavering independent voice, Suzanne's influence spans over a decade, during which she has elevated the global reputation of the City of Vincent within the arts and festival community. Her notable contributions as a festival and arts producer have left an indelible mark, evident in her successful organization of various annual street art festivals. Furthermore, Suzanne's dedication extends to championing the local artistic community, and nurturing arts activations that resonate with our residents.

Serving as General Manager at Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Suzanne's impact has reverberated in the emergence of a fresh wave of local filmmakers. These talented individuals have skillfully crafted narratives that capture the essence of our City of Vincent, earning accolades and international recognition. Through their lens, the stories of our people and landmarks have reached global audiences, painting a vivid portrait of our city's vibrancy and talent. Suzanne Worner's unwavering commitment as a Councillor has truly uplifted the spirit and stature of the City of Vincent.

Councillor Suzanne Worner steadfastly pledges to uphold her unwavering commitment to our community, channelling her boundless passion and heartfelt devotion into every endeavour. She promises to stand as a steadfast advocate, tirelessly championing the diverse activities that shape the vibrant tapestry of our City of Vincent. With Suzanne at the helm, the future holds a continuation of wholehearted support and an outpouring of genuine care, ensuring that every facet of our community thrives under her leadership.

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